Here you are another special dish from the traditional Lucanian (namely Basilicata region) cuisine, easy and satisfying, it is an expression of a cultural identity that keeps flavors unchanged. A small note of merit for our ingredients.
The dried peppers that we use in our recipes are characteristic of Lucania. Bright red, sweet and with a very thin skin, once cooked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few seconds they become crunchy, that is “cruschi”.
Cancellara (Basilicata region, Italy) sausage is well-known for the quality of its meats and for the particular preparation procedure in whose mixture wild fennel and pepper powder are added.

Course: Single dishDifficulty: EasyPreparation: 60 minutesCooking: 45 minutesYield: 4 people

Ph. @valentinahortus for Francesco Cillo



  1. Plunge all potatoes in plenty of salted water and remove them before they fall apart. The cooking time varies according to their size; the toothpick test is always the best option
  2. In the meantime, heat the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a large pan and fry the peppers for no more than three seconds. The risk is to burn them, so take care not to exceed the indicated time
  3. Then, in the same pan together with a garlic clove brown the sausage cut into chunks
  4. Now that all the ingredients are ready, combine them inside the pan and blend their flavors by mixing for a few minutes
  5. If you want to give our dish an unmistakable flavor, once it has been dished out on the plate, drizzle raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The result will tickle the appetite!


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