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General conditions of sale

The general conditions of sale for the purchase of Francesco Cillo EVO Oils products („Products“) displayed on this site („Site“) of Francesco Cillo EVO Oils, Via Frisi 136, Cancellara – Potenza (PZ), Italy, VAT number IT04430770406 („Francesco Cillo EVO Oils“ or, alternatively, the „Seller“), are included in this sales contract („Contract“). Every user browsing the Site („User“) is invited to examine the Agreement before completing a purchase order for Products on the Site („Order“); as a matter of fact, sending an Order implies its acceptance. Any modification to the Contract will become effective immediately upon publication on the Site and will govern all following Orders.

1. Customers

The conclusion of Orders on the Site is only allowed to physical people who have the judicial capacity to stipulate binding agreements in compliance with applicable law and who act for purposes that are not related to any business or professional activity potentially carried out („Customers“).
If required, Customers must provide name, surname, e-mail address, Product delivery address, tax code and other personal information. This information must be true, accurate and constantly updated.
The User cannot place Orders on the Site using the name or credentials of another person, unless it has been expressly authorized by the entitled person.
The purchase of Products for resale purposes is strictly prohibited.

2. Acceptance of an order and sales agreement

After the electronic submission of an Order, the Customer will receive a specific e-mail of the receipt and Confirmation of the Order by the Seller. If one or more data reported in the e-mail are not correct, the Customer must promptly inform the Seller’s customer care („Customer Care“) sending an e-mail at: The Contract must be considered completed upon receipt of the Order Confirmation by the Customer.
For any problems concerning the procurement or the order received, the Seller reserves the right not to confirm the Order.

3. Payments

Orders can be placed using the main credit cards, debit cards or other payment methods made available on the Site (collectively, the „Payment Methods“).
The Seller will charge the purchase price, as defined below („Price“) in harmony with the acceptance of the Order.
The Seller uses a primary payment gateway in order to authorize the payments of the Orders („Payment Gateway“); as a result, the Seller does not directly manage any financial information relating to the payment Method used by the Customer and the Site does not process any financial information provided for the completion of the Order.
The Payment Gateway protects the details of the credit or debit card used by encrypting sensitive information to ensure that it is transmitted securely. The Site implements Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to guarantee a higher security standard on every Order.
In the remote event of an error, negligence or offense related to the management of the transaction connected to an Order by the payment Gateway and the payment intermediation systems, neither the Seller nor the Site can be held responsible for such error, negligence or offense.
The Seller reserves the right to cancel a transaction and to cancel its Order if it is reported a fraudulent use of the Payment Method adopted when placing the order. Furthermore, the Seller will not be liable for any illicit use of the Payment Methods by third parties which is not attributable to his fault or negligence.

4. Shipment and delivery

Francesco Cillo EVO Oils sends and delivers Orders using excellent couriers.
The Seller undertakes to deliver Orders to Customers in compliance with the delivery terms provided on the Site during the purchase and within 30 (thirty) days from the day that the Order Confirmation has been sent to the Customer.
The Seller cannot be held liable for delayed delivery that cannot be attributed to him neither as fault nor as negligence with reference to the 30 (thirty) days above mentioned; therefore, the Customer will not have the right neither to refuse the delivery of the Products nor to claim compensation for them. The Seller will be exempt from liability for delays due to force majeure, strikes, natural disasters, customs clearance procedures and any other event related to the provision of courier services or any other circumstances beyond its control.
The Customer is invited to do everything possible to facilitate the delivery of the Order, making himself available for the collection or delegating it to third parties.
The courier will make a first attempt to deliver the Order to the address provided by the Customer. If the delivery is unsuccessful, the courier will inform the Customer of the delivery attempt and will try to agree with the Customer a further delivery attempt of the Order.
In the event that the courier cannot definitively deliver the Order, the Customer Care will contact the Customer to definitively agree on the delivery and to define any additional costs.
Upon delivery, the customer must verify the correctness of the number of packages and the external packaging integrity. In the event that the Customer finds anomalies in the delivery, for example related to the number of packages or to the presence of damages on the external packaging, the Customer must sign conditionally all the delivery documents and contact the Customer Care. In the event that the Customer fails to do so, he cannot make any objection regarding the delivery, except for the provisions of the following art. 8 with regard to hidden defects and in compliance with the regulations placed on mandatory consumer protection.
The Customer can contact the Customer Care by sending an email at:

5. Prices

All prices published on the Site include the VAT („Prices“).
With regard to the shipping costs of the Orders („Shipping costs“), the Customer must refer to what it is reported on the Site.
The amount of the Shipping costs (if required), including the VAT, will be displayed in the summary of the Order during the checkout and it will be reported in the Order Confirmation sent to the Customer.
Any changes made to the Product Prices will be effective taking into account the publication date of the new Prices on the Site, without retroactive effects on Orders already accepted by sending the Order Confirmation.
Except for errors that are in compliance with the article 1431 of the Civil Code, the Seller reserves the right not to accept an Order due to the incorrectness of the Price published on the Site or indicated in the e-mail sent to the Customer when confirming the Order.

6. Right of withdrawal

Within 10 (ten) days from the Order delivery date, the Customer has the right to exercise the withdrawal from the Contract, without any penalty and without providing any „Withdrawal“ motivation.
For this purpose, to verify the compliance with the abovementioned deadline, the delivery date of the Products resulting from the delivery tracking system made available by the courier on its website, will be a proof of conveyance.
If the Customer decides to exercise the abovementioned withdrawal, the Customer must previously notify Francesco Cillo EVO Oils of his will just contacting the Customer Care by sending an e-mail at:
Following receipt of the notification, Francesco Cillo EVO Oils will communicate via e-mail to the Customer the he received the Withdrawal request, containing the authorization for the return shipment of the Products („authorization“). The authorization could however be denied in the event that Francesco Cillo EVO Oils verifies the lack of the conditions for the Withdrawal, for example because more than 10 (ten) days have passed from delivery date of the Products to the Customer.
For return shipment, the Customer may only contact the courier indicated by Francesco Cillo EVO Oils in the Authorization to book the collection of the Products and must affix on the package a label provided by Francesco Cillo EVO Oils via e-mail.
The Customer must strictly deliver the Products to the courier for return shipment to Francesco Cillo EVO Oils within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Authorization.
Returned Products must be perfectly intact and accompanied by the original packaging and only in this case the Customer will be fully refunded.
The Customer will be considered solely responsible for any decrease in the value of the Products resulting from a different manipulation from the necessary one to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Products.
Once the existence of the Withdrawal requirements has been verified, the Seller will refund the Customer of the Purchase Price within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the returned Products („Refund“) withholding the amount of shipping costs that will be charged to the customer.

North America up to 3 KG up to 5 KG up to 10 KG up to 15 KG up to 20 KG
Canada € 37,00 € 50,00 € 75,00 € 99,00 € 119,00
United States € 35,00 € 54,00 € 73,00 € 99,00 € 130,00
Asia up to 3 KG up to 5 KG up to 10 KG up to 15 KG up to 20 KG
Japan €  43,00 € 63,00 € 90,00    
Hong Kong € 43,00 €  63,00 € 90,00 € 125,00 € 155,00
Singapore € 43,00 € 63,00 € 90,00 € 125,00 € 155,00
Europe up to 5 KG up to 10 KG up to 15 KG up to 20 KG up to 30 KG
Italy € 16,00 € 21,00 € 26,00 € 31,00 € 36,00
Andorra € 54,00 € 58,00 € 66,00 € 74,00 € 130,00
Austria € 29,00 € 35,00 € 37,00 € 38,00 € 56,00
Belgium € 29,00 € 35,00 € 37,00 € 38,00 € 56,00
Bulgaria € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Croatia € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Denmark € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Estonia € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Finland € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
France € 29,00 € 35,00 € 37,00 € 38,00 € 56,00
Germany € 29,00 € 35,00 € 37,00 € 38,00 € 56,00
Gibraltar € 54,00 € 58,00 € 66,00 € 74,00 € 130,00
Greece € 54,00 € 58,00 € 66,00 € 74,00 € 130,00
Ireland € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Latvia € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Lithuania € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Luxembourg € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Norway € 34,00 € 45,00 € 56,00 € 62,00 € 70,00
Holland € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Poland € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Portugal € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
United Kingdom € 36,00 € 40,00 € 44,00 € 47,00 € 59,00
Czech Republic € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Romania € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Slovakia € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Slovenia € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Spain € 36,00 € 40,00 € 44,00 € 47,00 € 59,00
Sweden € 43,00 € 48,00 € 52,00 € 55,00 € 69,00
Switzerland € 34,00 € 45,00 € 56,00 € 62,00 € 70,00
Hungary € 48,00 € 53,00 € 62,00 € 69,00 € 74,00
Oceania up to 3 KG up to 5 KG up to 10 KG up to 15 KG up to 20 KG
Australia €  43,00 € 63,00 € 90,00 € 125,00 € 155,00
New Zealand € 43,00 € 63,00 € 90,00 € 125,00 €  155,00

For each kg. that exceeds the reference weight already specified in the table, the Customer has to consider an additional cost of € 5.00.
The amount of shipping costs that will be charged to the customer will be calculated taking into account the currency of the destination country of the products.
The refund will be made using the same payment method used by the customer during the order.

7. Applicable law and disputes

These General Conditions of Sale regulates the sales contracts and they both are governed by Italian law. All disputes relating to these General Conditions of Sale and to its regulated contracts will be known by the competent Court of the Customer’s domicile or residence based on the applicable law or by the Court of Forli. This is a customer’s choice. The possibility of promoting the extrajudicial dissolution of disputes is granted, as provided for in articles 66 and 141 of the Consumer Code.

8. Communication or complaints

For any communication, information or complaint relating to an Order and to these General Conditions of Sale, the Customer may contact the Customer Care by sending an e-mail at:

9. Miscellaneous

In this Agreement, the singular form includes the plural form and vice versa, based on the context.
No act of waiver by Francesco Cillo EVO Oils to exercise remedies for a violation of this Contract implies a waiver of previous or subsequent violations of any provision included in the Contract.
If a provision of this Agreement is deemed unlawful, null or void for any reason, such provision will be considered inseparable from the other provisions of this Agreement and will not in any way alter the validity and effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.
The electronic Order validation has the same value between the parties as a handwritten signature.
No other general or particular condition communicated by the customer can be included or excluded from these General conditions of sale.

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